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In the United Arab Emirates, booking a cleaning service is as easy as clicking a button. Whether you need a maid service or a haircut, AlZartaj has you covered. Let us take care of the General Cleaning for you so you don't have to waste your time or energy on it.


Quickly and Easily Schedule Cleaning Services at a Reasonable Price

AlZartaj is a straightforward method for simplifying your life. You can rely on our services at any point in your life and never again stress about keeping up with housework. With just a few clicks on our website or mobile app, you may book a professional cleaning service. We are the best choice for domestic cleaning in the United Arab Emirates.

Find out more about professional General Cleaning and why it's a good idea here.


Why Use AlZartaj to Schedule Residential Cleaning Services

Everybody has a hectic schedule, and responsibilities only make things more difficult. After a long day at the office, coming home to a tidy house is undoubtedly high on your list of priorities. Unfortunately, it can't be done without a lot of effort. If you employ a professional cleaning service like AlZartaj, though, you won't have to lift a finger to achieve sparkling results. Many people choose to hire cleaners instead of doing it themselves because of the time savings. After you've finished cleaning, you can relax and spend time with your loved ones.



The definition of "General Cleaning Service"

Cleaning is a tedious chore, but with AlZartaj, you can hand it off to the pros. The General Cleaning supplies you'll need are all part of AlZartaj's service. The experts we employ have the knowledge and equipment necessary to thoroughly clean your home.


What Exactly Does a General Cleaning Entail?

Let's take a look at what you may expect from AlZartaj's General Cleaning service. Feel free to specify any other requirements and select additional services, such as a thorough cleaning or disinfection, if desired.


1. Maid Services for the Home

In response to a request, AlZartaj will send the most qualified local service provider to your home. No of the size of your home, we will send enough cleaners to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned. In no time at all, our experts will have completed the task, leaving your property spotless and sparkling.


2. Services for General Housekeeping

When you hire a cleaning service, they will clean every room in your home. It's important to do things like vacuum the rugs, mop the floors, wash the windows, and so on. Many unclean areas persist even after a thorough cleaning has been performed. The details are here, but the story continues.


3. In-Depth Cleaning for Your House

AlZartaj also provides a deeper, more comprehensive General Cleaning service. Professional cleaners will also clean your air filters, ceiling fans, and wash your curtains as part of their deep cleaning service.


4. Maid Service for Private Bedrooms

Professional cleaners from AlZartaj can make short work of any mess, no matter how bad it is. Our staff will freshen up your bedroom by changing the linens (if requested), dusting the dressers, and vacuuming the floor. You can unwind and let them handle the cleaning while you watch.


5. Services for Cleaning Kitchens

This is the part that has proven to be the most difficult for anyone who has ever tried to clean their kitchen. When you try to clean your kitchen thoroughly, you run into issues like oily oven surfaces, dusty shelves, and more. A professional maid service, however, can clean your home thoroughly. Professionals from AlZartaj will clean your fridge and other appliances along with the cabinets and counters when you order their cleaning service. They will also take down the range hood and clean it along with the rest of the kitchen.


6 - Cleaning of Restrooms

Because of how fast they may get unsanitary, restrooms are often avoided in need of a good cleaning. When you get home from work, you probably won't have time to give the bathroom a thorough cleaning. If that's the case, just let us know, and we'll dispatch our top experts to help you out. Scrubbing the sinks and tubs, emptying the trash, and vacuuming the mats are all part of the bathroom cleaning. A dirty bathroom is not only an eyesore but also a potential health risk, thus hiring a professional General Cleaning service is a must.


Which Reliable Housekeeper Will Visit My Home?

If you hire us to clean your home, we'll send over our top-tier cleaners. We assign one or more of our experienced cleaners to your home based on its size and your specific cleaning requirements. We'll take care of finding a qualified expert so you don't have to.


How can I cancel or reschedule a scheduled General Cleaning?

With AlZartaj, rescheduling your maid service is a breeze. Managing this is as simple as accessing your personal profile on our website or app. If you postpone your appointment more than two hours in advance, there will be no fee. If you need to change your appointment time by less than 2 hours, there will be a minor fee. Financial details are detailed in our Frequently Asked Questions.


What is the going rate for maid service in your area?

Because every household has individual requirements, cleaning costs might range widely. When you add on services like disinfection or deep cleaning, the price may change. After providing some basic information about your home and the amenities you're looking for, the AlZartaj app or website will provide you with a quote. We promise to secure the lowest price for you.


Should You Hire Professional Cleaners?

Cleaning services are becoming increasingly popular as individuals find it difficult to devote time to such tasks as cleaning their homes. Hiring a General Cleaning service will free you up to focus on more important things, like spending time with your loved ones. If cleaning your own home is a chore you dread or find physically demanding, hiring a professional cleaning service is your best bet.


Why Should I Hire a Cleaning Service?

Having a spotless home is always a relief. If you hire a cleaning service, you may forget about the monotony of cleaning every week. Furthermore, professional cleaners will likely do a better job than you at scrubbing your home from top to bottom.


How Much Should You Tip Your Housekeeper?

All gratuities are given to the individual experts who provided the service, and the amount you choose to give is entirely up to you. Tipping is a great way to show appreciation for the hard work of our employees. It's optional, though. The only payment required is the one made at the time of booking.


How Long Does It Take for a Professional Cleaning Service?

Our experts are trained to be as productive as possible, but a lot will rely on the size and clutter level of your home. A typical General Cleaning takes between one and four hours to complete.

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We offer tailored cleaning services to suit your needs. With a commitment to professionalism, attention to detail, and eco-friendly practices, we ensure your satisfaction and a healthier environment.
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